Calibration Spreadsheet

You can download our calibration spreadsheet here:  Spreadsheet

How to useGraticule calibration tables

Calibrate the microscope in the usual manner, using the eyepiece graticule and stage micrometer. Enter the readings obtained from the two scales into the appropriate blue cells on the spreadsheet for the relevant objective lens. Stage micrometers are available with different scale sizes. Indeed, you may find it easier to use several scales to cover the range of your objectives.  You need to enter the scale size you used for each objective into the appropriate green cell.  Once all the data has been input, the spreadsheet will calculate the calibration factors for each objective lens. In addition, the tables will be filled with the relevant calibration data.

Printing the completed spreadsheet and then laminating the tables provides a convenient reference. To use the tables, simply measure the sample size using the eyepiece graticule. Then, using the graticule reading, look up the size of the sample on the table for the relevant objective lens.