This page provides links to more detailed information on some of the many different aspects of beekeeping.

New BeekeepersNew beekeepers training

We often get asked about how to start beekeeping, where to get your bees from, and where to put them.


Getting Started

Where to get your bees

Where to put your bees

DIY beekeeping

Many beekeepers make their own hives, or like to design and make bits and pieces of equipment they need to help with their beekeeping.

Hive assembly


Advanced beekeeping

Topics for the more advanced beekeeper
Queen being inseminated




Instrumental Insemination

Queen rearing


Microscopy for Beekeepers

beekeeping at the microscopeMicroscopes are useful to help identify some of the diseases that bees suffer from, or to study in detail the anatomy of the honeybee. Pollen collected by your bees can also be examined to help understand where your bees are foraging.

Adjusting the compound microscope

Graticule calibration

Hot Plates