We offer training and information for Beekeepers. This website is designed for beekeepers and for anyone who is considering keeping honeybees. We have gained a lot of knowledge through keeping bees for more than 30 years. The aim of this website is to share some of that knowledge with you.



We have more than 20 years experience in successfully delivering beekeeping courses in Cheshire. We now offer Taster days for anyone interested in finding out more about bees and considering starting to keep bees . In addition, we offer custom courses for groups of  beekeepers wishing to improve their beekeeping.

Feedback from previous courses
“An excellent course. thank you.” SB
“I have found the course utterly fascinating” RH
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Beekeeping Taster Day

Our Beekeeping Taster day will help you find out more about bees. You will learn how honeybee colonies function, how and why they make honey and what it takes to manage them.  You don’t have to be an aspiring beekeeper to gain a lot from our Taster day experience.  On the other hand, if you are considering taking up beekeeping you will learn what it involves, how much time it will take and what it might cost.

We start the morning with a presentation about honeybees at the Windmill Inn, Whiteley Green. This covers how honeybees organise themselves and an introduction to the members of the colony.  In addition, we also look at what is involved in keeping bees. This includes how where to put your bees and how to look after them. After lunch we move to the apiary. Everyone dons protective beekeeping veils for the practical demonstration at the apiary. This will give you the opportunity to get up close to the bees!

The Beekeeping Taster day includes tea/coffee and a buffet lunch at the award winning Windmill Inn.

Voucher for our Taster day experienceGift vouchers are available if you would like to book a place as a gift, maybe for a birthday or for Christmas.



If you would like to book places on one of our Taster days, you can book here



Beekeeping Talks

I have been keeping honeybees in Cheshire for more than 30 years. Over that time I have gained a wealth of experience and knowledge about bees and how to keep them. I also hold both the BBKA Master Beekeeper qualification and the National Diploma in Beekeeping.

I give talks to both beekeeping and non-beekeeping organisations. If you would like me to come and talk to your group about bees you can contact me here.



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